Environmental Compliance

We comply with Chinese laws and regulations relating to environmental protection applicable to our business,
including prevention and control of noise pollution, air pollution and water pollution. 

We have installed all required environmental protection equipment, and have established a responsibility
system for environmental protection, including an environmental compliance department. Inspections are
carried out regularly to prevent any potential pollution problem in a timely manner.  

Environmental protection procedures are monitored closely during production. With these environmental 
measures, our emission of noise, waste water, waste gas, solid waste and other industrial wastes are
in line with the relevant China environmental standards.

In designing our new casting production facilities, we use smoke-less coal to reduce the amount of waste
gas emitted. We enhance the environmental awareness of our staff by providing specific environmental
protection related training. In addition to complying with the standards required by any environmental
authorities of the China, we will further invest in environmental protection equipment and strengthen
our management, inspection and supervision efforts over environmental issues. 


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