In 2000: Aopu foundry was established as a private enterprise

 In 2003: Full set of manufacturing equipment was introduced

 In 2005: ISO 9001:2000 certificate was awarded

 In 2008: New machining shop was established in Foshan 

 In 2009: PED/97/23/EC certificate was awarded

 In 2010: ISO9001:2008 certificate was awarded to machine shop

 In 2011: Integration of foundry & machining capability

 In 2014: ERP was introduced and running on the line by July 

 In 2015: DNV-GL certificate awarded

 In 2016: Increased the new production line(Big-size-wax) 

 In 2017: ISO9001:2015 certificate was awarded 

 In 2018: PED/2014/68/EU certificate was awarded



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